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Importance of Domain Authority in SEO

by maddyacca

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Now World is moving so much faster and everybody is trying to get the top rank without high effort. Nothing is free in this World now and if you want to be popular then you have to be popular. Entities with resources can afford advertisement expenses to get popular but the problem is with small businesses, which cannot afford expensive marketing. For bloggers, it's difficult to advertise on Google Adwords or on any other advertising platform. The only way bloggers follow is SEO, because it's free.

The difficulty came in the previous year, when Google introduced massive panda and penguin updates vanish low quality SEO techniques. It was easy for people to increase PageRank with the use of link building techniques. But now the concept of PageRank is losing its popularity. And blogs with low PageRank are also getting good search rank in Google after algorithm updates. The only reason for this change in search engine is because of D.A (domain authority).

What is SeoMoz's D.A?

Domain authority was introduced by SEOmoz, a company and a popular website too. Domain authority tells about a website's authority on its niche. is tech related blog and its authority would be high in tech related keywords. If techbead publish an real property estate, then it will not rank better in search engines. Domain authority is just an estimate to check authority and command on specific topic of any web. If a blog has good domain authority, then it would surely rank better in search results without any backlinks. 

How Seomoz Calculates Domain Authority?

SeoMoz updates domain authority of all websites almost every month and sometimes it updates it two times in a month. No specific dates and time is specified for update process of D.A. PageRank just depends upon the number of dofollow and nofollow links and plus site updating speed. I have seen many websites with low quality content and with high PR, just because of high number of links. Domain authority is quite different and full of quality things from PageRank. It depends upon high quality backlinks and quality of content. If a blog has good quality content with high quality backlinks then its D.A will be surely high. Also SeoMoz considers the frequency of updating content on a blog.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Below are some essential points to increase D.A of your blog:

  • Avoid copying somebody's content and also don't spin articles
  • Build high quality backlinks (Guest posting and blog commenting)
  • Update content regularly
  • Try to buy old domain, because age of the domain is also important
  • Increase number of pages on your blog (Add more tags to articles)
  • Avoid duplicate content problems (Use any good plug-in to remove duplicate pages)
  • Internal link your articles and pages
  • Add only relevant external links in your articles
  • Don't publish guest posts with promotional and irrelevant links
  • Correct grammar and spelling mistakes in your content


As an SEO consultant, I would suggest you all to avoid using anchor text in your links and just use name of your blog to increase D.A of your blog. If you get successful in increasing it then all of your keywords will be on top without any link building. Yu should avoid increasing PageRank and should focus D.A from now. If you are increasing your D.A then you will get high PageRank automatically, but your PageRank increasing techniques can't give you high D.A.

MaddyAcca is a blogger and running from past ten months successfully. He loves to write articles on SEO and blogging.

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