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So you have chosen to climb the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro have you? Let me first say that you have made an excellent choice! You are about to venture forth onto a journey that will leave you spell bound by its amazing sights, sounds and experiences. The place in itself is one of the most mesmerizing regions on planet Earth. With the wild African forests spanning across the land for as far as the eyes can see, you will get the chance to experience Mother Nature in its most glorious form. And the best part? Mount Kilimanjaro will let you feel the most amazing of thrills along the way as you make your way to the top!

The Kilimanjaro climb is one of the most rewarding of treks available on the surface of this planet. The entire hike will offer you with some breathtaking experiences as you begin your climb to the top of the mountain. The place is also the home of many natural wonders the likes of which you will not find anywhere else. Kilimanjaro gives you the chance to explore almost all different kinds of ecosystems, all in one single destination, and this fact in itself is a wonder like no other. The Kilimanjaro climb is also an opportunity to have a close-up encounter with the great African Wildlife as well. But even these cannot be considered to be the best part of the entire journey.

Try and arrange your Kilimanjaro climb in a way that your summit time coincides with a full moon night. The whole region just comes alive with beauty and allure once the moonlight hits the snowcapped peak. And if you are strong enough to survive a night on Kibo Crater, there really can’t be anything better than that! The entire place resembles the surface of the moon itself, with craters and peaks lining the earth all around you. On a full moon night, the place simply sparkles with the silvery moonlight, making the experience as magical as it is possible to be.

And after that amazing night, when the sun rises in the morning, the whole landscape around the mountain will be washed with the golden glow of the sun. The view from up there is just so gorgeous that the entire journey and stresses faced will seem to be worthwhile in the end. It is this part of the Kilimanjaro climb that will remain stamped on your memory forever more! No matter how many times you have climbed this glorious mountain, you simply cannot beat the experience of spending a full moon night on top of Kibo crater and watching the sun rise over the amazing African landscape.

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Paul Deakin is an avid adventure enthusiast and the co-founder of Private Kilimanjaro – a leading adventure travel outfit offering amazing opportunities to climb some of the highest peaks in the world. He is an expert climber himself and also offers hiking guidance and tips in the many articles and blogs that he writes. Visit to know more!


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