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Why and How to Wear Men’s Kilt

by rdevance

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Kilts reflect a Scottish tradition and more important, serve as a national symbol of honor for the culture and history of Scotland. Men wear tartans specific to their clan or family group; consequently, it is possible to identify them. You might consider kilts as heavy and somewhat awkward to put on but the truth is that they are manufactured as comforting replacement to trousers. Scottish (and non-Scottish) wear men’s kilt for wedding ceremonies, sports contests and other events.

Lots of people think that when someone is wearing kilt, he is not wearing any undergarment. Fact is that, it is a selection that only the wearer can consider. But if you look at it closely, it is not suitable to wear it without undergarment. As mentioned previously, kilts are donned during sports functions, weddings and even Highland dances. All these involve movement that may cause to reveal what’s hidden inside the Highland dress. Women now use kilts. It has become suitable since the introduction of the 21st century.

If you want to try this well-known dress, you should discover ways to wear men’s kilt appropriately:

• Wear the kilt in a manner that the pleats are placed at the back. The ends should stay at the right hand side. Ensure that you placed the kilt high on the waist so it gets to the center of the knee.

• Secure the kilt to your waist by fastening the aprons. Bring the leather strap starting from the lower apron to the front of the Scottish kilt and past the opening in the dress’s left side. Affix it to the buckle located at the left side of the kilt.

• Holding the upper apron, try to do the opposite. Take it from left to right and secure it using the leather strap and the buckle positioned at the right side of the kilt.

• See to it that both the lower and upper aprons are aligned on top of the kilt.

• For formal occasions during the day, partner the kilt with a tweed jacket. For casual affairs, partner it with a dress shirt only. On the other hand, for formal events during nighttime (like weddings), search for a formal jacket to match your kilt. When you can, don a Prince Charles jacket.

• You may want to complete your look by donning a hat. Look for Glengarry hat to do this.

• Because of the lack of pockets in kilts, you may choose to have a sporran. Through this, it may seem comfortable to bring your wallet and phone on the event.

• Make sure that you place a kilt pin on the upper apron. People count on seeing this every time you wear a kilt.

• Do not forget your kilt hose also. Be certain that it fits the hue of your shirt.

If you choose to wear men’s kilt, you can either have Scottish blood or you value the country’s tradition. Today, not all males who don kilt are Scottish. Some only would like to come up with a fashion statement or to be unique, particularly if worn during weddings.


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