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Jobs of Entertainment Managers Such as Russ Herriott

by shanamillikan

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As represented many times in TV programs and films, you have most likely seen what talent agents and managers do. The visual media depict these agents and managers like Russ Herriott as people somewhat at the beck and call of a lot of popular actors and actresses. But just what exactly distinguishes an agent from a manager? How will you determine which one to hire for your entertainment career? Listed below are a few differences.

The Objective

There actually is a lot of similarity in both the manager and agent, particularly in their goals. They both intend to develop the career of their clients in the entertainment industry. This indicates choosing in which programs, guest spots, advertisements, or promo works their clients should be in. They ensure that their clients get suitable compensation for any program, gig, or event that they take part in.

Agent: Audition Search

A talent agent aids his client by getting tryouts for performances. Without a doubt, shows and movie roles don't always come knocking on a star's door, especially so for new and relatively unknown ones. The agent searches his contacts for prospective roles that he thinks best fits his client. He also carries out a few preliminary promo to make sure that his customer obtains an audition area just before leaving the rest up to his abilities.

Manager: Business of Entertainment

A manager, however, handles the more technical facets of the client's career. Specifically, he handles the business end of things: establishing and working out contracts, getting his client in the appropriate acting courses, putting together and updating his client's resume, and even functioning as his press representative. He also handles updating his client's membership in distinguished actor guilds and organizations.

Which One to Work with

While there is a definite difference between the talent manager and agent, you could really benefit from hiring both. Your agent assists you advance your career, while your manager helps you take care of it. An entertainment manager like Russ Herriott of SEI Sports Entertainment International, for example, has helped a lot of popular reality TV actors in their careers, even as a few of them have talent scouts of their own.

If you are an aspiring actor or an industry newbie, get yourself a dependable entertainment manager and agent to progress to the top of your career. By hiring both, you can be guaranteed that reputable people are assisting you succeed in your career path. For other related info, visit

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