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Recognizing How a Des Moines Roofing Contractor Detects Roof

by joannebarragan

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Roofing damage can take place suddenly due to weather disruptions, although it can also occur little by little as an outcome of consistent exposure to the elements. It takes an extremely trained roofing contractor from Des Moinesto root out subtler signs of roof damage even if homeowners can easily detect visible damage to the roofing. In any case, you may still be able to determine the following concerns through some do-it-yourself examination.


Roofer suggest that residents examine the attic for any spots on the ceiling or the floor following heavy rains, specifically wind-driven rain. Rainwater can get under the shingles and infiltrate dripping underlayment and roof decks. Roofer can consequently fix the underlayment and roofing system deck by securing up any leakages.

Interior paint.

Missing or damaged shingles, in addition to leaky underlayment and roofing system decks, can frequently be the culprits for mysterious discolorations and blistering on your house's interior paint. This happens when sufficient water has infiltrated the rafters and dripped along the walls, thus soaking the drywall. Visible blistering of wallpaper or paint can also be credited to faulty installation of home siding, as windswept rains can also usher in water in between clapboards.

Water discolorations.

At times, you may see telltale water discolorations on the walls and ceiling, particularly following heavy rainfall. These water stains look like dried-up pools that do not come off even with vigorous cleaning. The ceiling may have been soaked and may accordingly have to be changed. Experienced Des Moines roof repairprofessionals can recover your ceiling to optimal condition.

Fungal invasion.

Quite frequently, water discolorations on walls and ceilings can be traced to unnoticed fungal problem. Discoloring on such areas can show the steady spread of mold and mildew colonies as they feed upon the moist, carbon-based material of such structures. Timely and extensive roof repair can attend to and prevent fungal invasion, hence safeguarding your family's health.


Aside from leaking underlayment or roofing system decks, roof damage that impacts a home's interior can be attributed to the vent, chimney, and flashing considering that these structures are not as sturdy as the roofing system itself. Dents on the flashing, in particular, enable water to seep through the shingles and into the rafters. To find out more, see

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