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Collision Auto Insurance Miami by T.G. Wright

by ScottWallace

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Collision auto insurance Miami is not what you needed for that old beater you were driving back and forth to work. No one in their right mind would ever hit that. Things have changed, for the better.

You have arrived, your years of hard work is finally starting to pay off. You have the home you always wanted, the kids have moved out and are on their own; life is great. You and your wife no longer feel the need or desire to own a minivan or a station wagon.

As a matter of fact you were always attracted to a sporty model, named after a jungle cat from South America. Its V8 engine and six-speed transmission in a light roadster body caught your eye years ago and now it belongs to you. It's your baby.

Obviously PIP insurance is not good enough; collision insurance is something you should look into. Collision auto insurance Miami is not compulsory, unless a loan company stipulates that it cover any loss they might have to bear.

Collision insurance is not like regular PIP insurance and therefore understanding the various terms and conditions is a good idea. One of the important things in collision insurance is the maximum payout in the event of a total write off. The standard coverage is generally $100,000.

A collision auto insurance Miamipolicy covers loss that occurs when the insured auto strikes another object or vehicle during the course of an accident. This includes all vehicles, as well as objects. Collision coverage is not required by the State of Florida, unlike PIP insurance, but it is recommended for drivers of cars with a normally high repair or replacement cost.

An exception to this recommendation is if you have an older car, and the cost of repairing or replacing it would cost more than the car is worth. If a car is leased or financed, the lender will likely require collision coverage.
Collision coverage is subject to a deductible so the premium costs can be adjusted up or down.

Collision insurance usually covers all damages to your car in a traffic accident.
In case of an accident, for example, you will be able to get compensation from your
collision auto insurance Miami policy, no matter who is at fault. This is a far better than going without your car while fighting it out in court to determine who is at fault.

The insurance company reserves the right to decide the amount payable for the damage that occurs. This is the job of the collision auto insurance Miami estimator and is always based on the amount it would cost to repair all the damage at a shop they have worked with before.The insurer may also pay the money directly to the repair shop.

Under the right circumstances collision insurance might be the perfect protection for your car. Call your UnivistaCollision Auto Insurance Miami representative to see how they can maximize your protection at a reasonable cost.

T. G. Wright is a technical and content writer, whose articles appear on the Worldwide Web.

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