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Responsibilities of a Skilled Orange County Probate Lawyer

by toccaramclachlan

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Orange County is home to one of the most pricey properties ever put up for listing in California - a beachfront estate estimated at $65 million, according to a 2012 survey by trade publication Forbes. With residential properties like this one, it's no wonder that probate cases are common legal issues in the state. Hence, giving a comparable home with a seven-digit cost or an evenly large fortune to their due receivers is the primary responsibility of a probate lawyer in Orange County who usually accomplishes the following jobs:

Writing up the Will

A last will and testament is created while the testator is still existing. The probate attorney will meet his client to determine and describe the items of the will. This requires identifying everyone the estate owner prefers to be their recipients, in addition to note down what each named beneficiary is entitled to.

The legal representative is additionally responsible for acquiring the essential signatures for the will. For it to be deemed legitimate in California, the document requires the signature of the testator (the owner), conservator, and at least two witnesses who were both in attendance at the time the will was created. It's also the legal representative's work to check if the testator was "mentally healthy" through the execution of the will.

Overseeing the Estate

As soon as a person who has a last will and testament passes on, the duty of dealing with his property is up to the hands of a probate attorney. It will be his assignment to deal with things, such as estate tax concerns and putting together the papers required by the probate court. Throughout the procedure, the attorney will work in behalf of the deceased's liked ones and just with their finest interests in mind.

Making a Trust

A probate attorney can also form a trust fund for the owner's recipients. In reality, a living trust attorney in California could even focus on "special needs" trusts for employees with mentally-ill or handicapped loved ones. Additionally, most living trusts are generally revocable and amendable.

California's propensity for pricey estates implies that probate procedures often require severe legal help. The good news is, such aid is available in the form of reputable probate lawyers in the state. Find out more about the tasks of a local probate attorney by heading to

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