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Tools To Optimize Web-Site's Performance

by patwilkinson

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The loading time of a website is an important factor which determines the quality of the site. It is important for your website to be fast otherwise search engines like Google will not index it higher. Google takes notice of website loading time and make sure if has been optimized properly. There are many factors affecting website speed. They are as follows. 1. Large number of Http request, availability of images, scripts,style sheets etc. 2. In-line CSS reduces the speed. 3. Adding up heavy animation and flashes also affects speed of site. 4. Most of the images are not optimized . You can optimize them by simply using photo-shop. Use “save for web” instead of “save” for saving an image. 5. Adding up of script on the same page reduces the speed. They are many other factors too but these are the basic factors which affects website performance. Lets look out some the tools which are capable of finding out what factors affecting speed of the website and subsequently guides to fix these issues. 1. iWebTool Speed Test : It is an excellent tool to check website's Speed. You can review 10 sites per hour and with in a couple of seconds it can give you information about Page size , page loading time etc. 2. :This tool for testing website' s speed do not have much features but what makes it special is its ability to check web site's speed from multiple location around the world. So if you are willing to know hows you website working in Germany and France. You can use this tool. 3. Pingdom tools : Pingdom tools does the same thing but they have a couple of features to determine what is there in the website which is causing loss in speed. Features : Find out the cause for slow page loading and give you complete report of which element causing which problem. In this way you can work out to optimize those specific elements like HTML , CSS, Scripts, images etc to increase page load time speed. One important feature of pingdom is once you have the details of elements causing low speed you can share the report with others so others cane examine too. 4. : Is a tool which after reviewing website sends report via email .In this report you have the complete analysis. Analysis includes : Page loading time at different geographies. Shows exact time which server and rower takes while loading a page. Provide a report on how elements like HTML, CSS and JavaScript working and how their presence affecting website's Performance. Their is a feature called Yslow grading which determines best practice to follow to enhance website performance. 5. : interesting tool to check website's page-oad time. It has two mode simple and advanced. Simple Mode : Give details about page load time , Page size and average page load time of the website. Advanced Mode : Gives detailed information about website like other elements like HTML, CSS, Java Script and images etc affecting the speed of site. Page Load time should be less. It help search engines to notice your site and also improves websites performance. If we are talking about SEO it is not that important as you can improve website's rank by getting more and more qualitative back-links but to enhance user's experience page load time should be less or else they will jump over to some other website and you will loose a lead and business . So you can go for any of these above mentioned tools to optimize your website.

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