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Install a Market Data Feed to Easily

by batsdatafeed

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There are a seemingly endless number of companies that are searching for a comprehensive charting solution for financial websites. These companies must find a feed that can be easily installed onto a website or app that provides real-time, delayed and end-of-day data about the stock market. However, this can prove to be quite a difficult task, as there are many websites that offer feed software. How can one make sure they have chosen the best software for their purposes?

For starters, those in need of a charting solution for financial websites must find a reliable provider of stock market information, as well as a reputable provider of data feed software. While the stock market information might be correct, the software may be faulty or not very user-friendly, which can prove frustrating for companies. If a company does not appear to be proficient in both information and the relaying of this information through their software, then it is best to look elsewhere for data feed software.

 Instead companies should seek out software that is easily customizable. Feeds should have the ability to be altered to include different ranges of time, such as real-time data, delayed data, daily data and historical data. There should also be a wide variety of available markets, such as indices, stocks and more. The company’s market data feed should be reliable, fast and correct, as well as affordable.

Barchart Market Data is one such company that provides quality data feeds for companies that plan to include these on websites or applications. Barchart Market Data provides transparent pricing options for their various feeds, as well as options to include different markets and time periods for these feeds. Barchart Market Data is the clear choice for companies in need of comprehensive solutions to provide reliable and up-to-date information about the stock market and other markets to its customers.

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