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Identifying the Tasks of Mobile Criminal Lawyers

by ferdinanddraper

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The latest statistics from affirm a downtrend in crime rates in Mobile Alabama for the past 11 years. This trend is definitely good news for all citizens as it forecasts the 2013 crime rate to be lower than that of 2010. If you or a person you know have been accused of a transgression, you have to select a criminal defense lawyer to help you see light at the end of the tunnel. The primary job of criminal lawyers in Mobile AL is to shield the civil liberties of their client who is either a victim of a crime or indicted of the criminal activity.

Safeguard the Rights of the Client

A person accused of a criminal offense is certainly in alarming predicaments, and may have difficulty thinking reasonably. For this reason, he is in need of a defense attorney to secure him from harassment due to the supposed criminal activity. The attorney will enlighten him of his rights and work out well to win the case.

Explain the Charged Case and Advise the Client

In addition to shielding the rights of the client, a criminal attorney will completely discuss the criminal allegation. He will advise his client of all plausible questions that will be asked in court and how he has to answer them. Etiquette is also vital as body language can spell the contrast between freedom and a guilty verdict. Moreover, a lawyer will help the client choose whether to take on a prosecution's plea bargain if there is one.

As explained by Atty. Dan K. Webb of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, a criminal attorney should be able to encourage his client to move on with the suit and endure what is to come. He must allow his client the opportunity to show his problems and aggravations so he can better take on the defense. Webb further explained that it is the lawyer's' obligation to give assurance to his client to make sure that he will feel that there is someone who does not aim to pass him judgment even before the proceedings have commenced.

Study and Gather Facts

It is the attorney's responsibility to seek and scrutinize witnesses who will verify the righteousness of his client. In a criminal lawsuit, a lawyer may present three types of witnesses including a lay witness who was present during the crime, a character witness who can affirm that the suspect can not actually commit the criminal activity, and an expert witness who can explain some technicalities in the case. In addition, a lawyer can help his client plan an alibi.

Show Up in Court and Argue the Case

Lastly, ingenious criminal lawyers in Mobile will with certainty appear in court to win the case. If you assume you need legal help because you are a victim of a criminal offense or are accused of one, find immediate aid from a criminal lawyer who can save you from a relatively desperate situation. For more information, go to

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