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Choosing the Right Ecommerce Website Solution

by bradmitchell

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Are you ready to start selling your products online? The Internet can connect you to an entirely new audience of potential customers, but you have to know how to effectively reach them in order to make the sale. Fortunately, a number of software providers offer ecommerce platforms that make it much easier to begin selling anything from cupcakes to clothing online. Each ecommerce platform is different, however, so take time to see which best suits your needs.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

As with any business decision, one of your first and most important considerations when choosing an ecommerce website solution will be price. Many full-feature shopping cart platforms are provided as a free download and have no associated fees to get up and running. Others are offered as subscription-based services, where the user pays a recurring monthly or yearly fee and is able to run their online shop through the service for the duration of that time. Finally, some ecommerce platforms charge a per-transaction fee (i.e. $0.20 for every item sold). Depending on the price and volume of items you’re selling, each of these payment options can be a viable choice.

Which Features Do You Need?

The bevy of features offered by each ecommerce website solution on the market is diverse and expansive. Research which features are available on the platforms you’re considering and decide which are most valuable to you and your customers. Some key areas to investigate features are site layout and design, payment options, shipping options, and analytics and reporting. Some shopping cart platforms even have built-in marketing and search engine optimization tools to help you grow your business once you’re up and selling.

How Experienced are You?

Many online shopping platforms (especially those offered for free) require at least basic knowledge of website building and computer skills. Before you commit to a certain platform, make sure you understand the skills required to launch and maintain your site. In many cases, outsourcing this work to ensure the site functions properly in all situations is a worthwhile investment.


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