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The Ins and Outs of Choosing a Memphis Granite Countertop

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Granite is a naturally occurring rock that is well known for its durable and scratch resistant properties. As such, it is a common material to use in countertops and other surfaces in one’s home. Memphis granite is in increasingly available in a variety of color, shapes, and textures; this variety allows those embarking on renovations an immense world of choice.

Just as manmade substances pale in comparison to those weathered by the forces of nature, granite represent the beauty of nature far more than any other manmade surface. Granite surfaces are never going to be the same; each individual slate is going to be different from another; this is simply the result of where the stone was sourced from and how it has stood the test of time. As such, granite surfaces are appealing in their individuality and natural appearance. Memphis Granite sources can either be installed in its natural form or as a polished version; the latter is ideal for those going for a more ‘elegant’ look whereas the former is popular for those wanting to best capture the beauty of nature in their home. One of the most appealing aspects of installing a granite countertop lies in its durability and resistance to the various sources of dents and scratches. In any given kitchen, particularly family kitchens, the countertops will come into contact with various objects and circumstances that scratch and otherwise damage the surface. Granite is much harder than other naturally occurring stone and this means it can handle the onslaught of everyday life without looking old and worn out. In addition to scratch resistance, granite also hold up well when faced with various household chemicals and other acidic substances. Memphis granite is additionally water, heat, and bacteria resistant. These qualities lend themselves well to a kitchen environment where the countertops are constantly exposed to liquids, heat, and food products. It would be quite time consuming and worrying to install a countertop using a material that would be so easily damaged by such commonplace substances and items.

The durability of granite is the basis of its appeal, but there are a few aspects of installing a Memphis granite countertop that require a little effort. Granite countertops, despite being water resistant, are porous and therefore need to have a sealant applied on an annual basis to maintain its cleanliness. In addition to this cost, the installation and purchase price are similarly a bit more costly than other stone surfaces. That being said, the additional cost generally pays off given the long-term durability of the stone compared to other cheaper materials.

When making the decision to install Memphis granite in one’s kitchen, it is additionally necessary to choose the right variety for the aesthetics of one’s home. The variety of option can seem overwhelming, but with the right supplier, the choice is easily narrowed by an individual’s preferences and household décor. In addition to choosing the correct supplier, any individual looking to install granite countertops needs to hire the right installation company. Correct installation is imperative to a lasting granite surface; choose a sloppy installer and one risks losing the beneficial qualities of naturally occurring granite.

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