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Use Amethyst Crystals to Cure a Number of Body Illnesses

by holabyss

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Amethyst crystals are assumed to aid in meditation, spiritual understanding and psychic ability. And in addition to that it has also been associated with serenity, tolerance, forgiveness and peace. Many have believed for decades that wearing the amethyst will surely help you out in relaxing the mind and sharpening your instinct.

This has been introduced as one of the most effective stones for healing along with crystals. This is the biggest reason it is easily available in the market and also very much affordable and gradually it has become one of the most preferred healing stones. For the purpose of healing these stones can be worn in any form of jewelry. It can be easily kept in the pocket or on specific body parts for the purpose of healing.


These healing stones have become very popular and due to this they can be easily found over many shops such as spiritual shops, gift shops and at many others. The color of these beautiful stones is commonly purple or violet.


This crystal will help you in maintaining a calm mind, reduce stress and also cures a lot of serious illness in our body. Physically, amethyst crystals can help us in a number of ways such as:


  • The skin condition can be improved
  • It will greatly reduce pain from the body
  • It will indirectly shift the headaches
  • Migraines can be cured
  • Fights with insomnia
  • Anxiety will be reduced and
  • As mentioned earlier it will ease the stress

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