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The Connection Between Branding and Logo Designing

by johnstoneham

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Branding is a very significant aspect of the whole process of launching a product in the market. After all the tasks of planning, establishing the unit and manufacturing the product are accomplished, it is very important to present the product in the market in an impressive manner. It is the outlook of the product that makes the first impression. It includes the kind of packaging, the graphic design of the package, the logo design and other similar factors. The visual representation is the first opportunity for the company to communicate the right message to their customers.

The package design of the product should be done in a way to complement the product, something that is easily understandable and memorable and most importantly different from the competing firms. The company logo is a vital feature of a product design as it is going to be used as frequently as the name of the company itself or maybe even more. The brand name as well as the logo may be required to be used on the product package (e.g. Grocery products), the product chassis (e.g. Flexidomes on electronics), marketing materials such as brochures, writing pads, flyers, promotional products, stationary, the company website and various other places. Thus it is very important to assign this important task of logo designing to a professional.

Here are some common mistakes that can be expected from someone who does not have a long term experience and detailed knowledge of logo designing –

• The design may not be customer centric – The logo should be designed in a way to appeal to the targeted audience. This is probably the reason why the logos for companies producing kids’ products are generally colorful cartoon characters.

• Wrong use of colors, font and symbols – The choice of these features of the design should be according to the customers targeted and not something that appeals to the designer. The designer also needs to consider the point that printing the logo in 2D or 3D, displaying it on the website or printing it in monochrome should not make any significant change in its appearance and quality.

• Including too many details – The logo design should be as precise as possible. It should have the potency to say it all while being compact. A colorful logo may win the attention of many observers but may overshadow the message that the company wants to convey. Some of the world’s most popular logos are made by using two colors at the most and are clearly identified in all sizes and colors.

• Copying the logo of a competitor – Nothing can be worse than this - having a design similar to that of a competitor. This will give away the message that you are targeting the customers who may choose your product misinterpreting it to be your competitor’s. This way, you will never be able to make a prominent place in the market.

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