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Kippah has become popular for Jewish community

by peterbaston681

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Before starting the article one should be acquainted with the word kippah. Kippah is kind of a head cover mainly used by the Jews many years before. Kippah is the word originated with the Jews. The word means fear of the god. The Jews used kippot to cover their head for religious purpose. They considered it to be a way of showing respect to their god. These are worn by only males of the Jews. After the great war government had made it compulsory for the Jews to wear kippot for their separate identity. For not making the readers confused with the two terms- kippah and kippot it is better to say in the first paragraph that kippah is the original word for the head cover and kippot is the plural form of it.

There are many varieties found in the kippah. There are . There are Crocheted kippah, Suede Kippot, Black velvet kippah, Satin kippah, Crocheted kippah in white, custom kippah, Bukharan and Yemenite. Kippot, worn by the orthodox Jews were made of cotton. And the colors were generally black. But now with the increasing demand of kippah the varieties are launched in the market. among the suede kippah there are many varieties. There are plain suede kippah, embossed suede kippah, metallic embossed kippah, leather kippah, sport kippah, bar Mitzvah kippah, bat Mitzvah kippah, wedding kippah, baby kippah, animal print kippah, etc.

Custom kippah is the one which can be made the buyer’s choice wise. Any design or stich can be made on it. If one does not like the kippot sold in the shop, then there is the option of Custom kippah for the buyer. Satin kippot is made of the satin cloth and it includes many colors. There are black, brown, burgundy, fuchsia, gold, Kelly green, dark green, light grey, medium grey, dark grey, ivory, lavender, lime mauve, navy, orange, peach, light pink, medium pink, purple, dark purple, red, royal blue, teal, turquoise, Wedgwood, white, pale yellow, gold yellow, light blue, bi-colors and tri-colors satin kippot.

The demand of kippot is increasing day by day. Kippot were generally worn by the men for religious purpose but later women of orthodox countries started wearing kippah while praying. Later on kippot are worn in any celebration like wedding, or any other ceremony etc. The trend of covering the head originates from the countries of Arabia but the trend is followed by many of the communities too. One of the prime reasons for the popularity of the trend as said to be is that kippah helps protect the head from sun rays. Another one is it looks different and quite good as it is made with different type of materials and designs. One who is looking for kippah can go through the stores and choose the best one for him/her. At last it can be said that now-a-days, wearing kippah entirely depends on the person. It is not mandatory. There are many Jews also who do not wear it. So its up to the person to use a kippah on the head.

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