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Keeping It Sexy and Safe

by Getiton

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Gay sex with the guy you love or that gorgeous bloke you’ve found online should always be something to enjoy and have fun with. Many gay men can get hung up on ‘the performance’ or how big we might look down there, or our physique.


No matter what you get up to in the bedroom, the main thing to remember is that you should always keep yourself safe. Whether you view yourself as Top, Bottom or Versatile any man who respects you will want to use protection. You can guarantee that if someone asks you to bareback then you’re not the first person they’ve asked. The problem is you don’t really know what they might have exposed themselves to.


It’s all about feeling comfortable in the situation. Being relaxed and feeling in control is very important. Often with anal sex it’s all about the preparation beforehand. Use a douche if you are worried about things getting messy. And having condoms a water-based lube within easy reach means you can keep going without interruption. Certain condoms can actually increase the levels of pleasure and sensation in bed.


If you’re not into anal sex then mutual masturbation and really getting into the moment with kissing and intimate massage is a great way to increase the passion and excitement in bed together. Giving or receiving a blow job is also a great turn-on for many guys. Giving a blow job is very low-risk for transmitting HIV. If your mouth is healthy and has no cuts or ulcers then swallowing cum has an extremely low risk of passing on HIV. 


Condoms can actually prolong the sexual act between two horny guys turned on by each other as that little extra layer can help you both get into the right rhythm and ensure you are both in tune physically whilst you look to achieve orgasm together.


Hands, fingers and sex toys are a great way of providing safe stimulation and that extra element of kinkiness which many gay couples may enjoy together. Equally some light bondage and dressing up are fun for many and provide that extra spark and fun in things by indulging in some role play that floats both your boats.


When you’re really attracted to someone it can feel easy to get carried away and you might feel that playing it safe isn’t always necessary. The truth is that nothing is more intimate than caring for each other. If you really care about each other, you’ll want to use condoms.


At, get information about the safe gay sex. Gay and bisexual men can order free condoms and lube to be delivered to their home in a discreet, unmarked envelope.

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