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What Do You Need to Do During Dental Emergencies

by velmagcleghorn

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It’s Thanksgiving Day and you can’t help but take a bite on that chicken leg... until you crack your tooth and you start out tasting blood. What now? Your very first reaction is to contact your emergency dentist in Austin. But it’s holiday break! Even if he will be pleased to aid you during this time, you will have to work on some first aid techniques first. In times like these, here are the things that you ought to do:

Cracked Tooth

Whether or not it feels uncomfortable, cleanse the spot by rinsing it warm water. Get a cold pack to stop swelling and take a pain reliever if you feel any discomfort.

Bitten Lip or Tongue

Clean your lip or tongue using a cloth. Work with a cold pack to avoid or at least reduce the inflammation. In case it bleeds consistently, head to an emergency hospital quickly.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Go to a dental professional immediately; he may manage to re-implant it. For the meantime, bring the tooth back in its spot. Hold it in the crown; never try to touch the underside part or you may harm the attached tissue. If this isn't possible, dip it in warm water or milk and take it with you.

Tooth Abscess

You get out of bed with your tooth swelling. Place a touch of salt in warm water and rinse it. Phone your emergency dentist in Austin. This may cause serious infections that you must attend to it instantaneously.

Broken Jaw

Soon as you feel you have broken your jaw use a cold pack directly to the area. This will prevent swelling. Cover your mouth with soft towel or any similar piece. Ask anyone to assist and bring you to the emergency room.

Shaky Braces and Bands

If you're able to, re-attach brackets employing an orthodontic wax. Be sure you cover the sharp end with this particular wax to stop distressing your gums and tongue. In the case of loose bands, keep it. Promptly call for dental assistance.

Captured Object in between Teeth

Use dental floss to get rid of it. Softly do this to protect yourself from cutting gum tissue. Never try to use sharp object in case you are not able to take it off. You may only make matters worse. Go to the nearest dental clinic.


Wash your mouth with warm water. Get a dental floss and check if there’s something trapped between your teeth. If you go on to feel pain, ask anyone to bring you to your dentist.

Broken Wires

Broken braces stick your tongue and gum. Buy an orthodontic wax and cover the tip. In case you can’t, a small cotton ball may be sufficiently good to offer you momentary comfort. See your orthodontics.

Lost Filling

Employ a small amount of toothpaste or buy a material from a pharmacy to replace it for the time being. Schedule a visit with your dentist for long-term replacement. If you feel pain, take drugs.

Accidents do take place - even with your teeth. You may have been making frequent trips in dental clinics, but there will be times that you'll want the help of an emergency dentist in Austin. Tend not to make any second thought and immediately proceed to the clinic or set a meeting while taking the required first-aid methods mentioned above.


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