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The importance of user experience in webdesignJacksonvilleFL

by TedRobertson

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Its tough doing business on the web, especially when you are just starting. You are faced with stiff competition from other entrepreneurs in your line of business. The first few months are so tough that most startups go belly up without earning a single dollar in profit. The dismal performances by new online businesses can be traced to several factors. Ineffective web design JacksonvilleFL is one of these factors and it pays no attention to customers' user experience. A website, it goes without saying, is the platform on which an online business connects with its customers. It is well accepted in the online business community that the quality of a website has a bearing on the fortunes of the business behind it. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are yet to come to terms with this fact.


What exactly do we mean by user experience and why is it so important in web design Jacksonville FL? We can think of user experience as the ease with which customers can find what they are looking for in your website. People bring certain expectations to your website. They have needs and they expect to satisfy these needs by shopping on your website. Customers therefore browse your website with the hopes of finding answers to their problems.


Many entrepreneurs and their web design Jacksonville FL teams are however yet to grasp the importance of user experience. Most will focus more on creating elegant websites that incorporate brilliant design techniques. In fact, many entrepreneurs use elegant design as a competitive tool. We as such have plenty of dashing websites out there that aren't making much money yet not-so-cute websites are doing brisk business. Why? The answer is in the user experience. If you want your business to sell, you must make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable so that customers don't have a reason to leave your website before they place orders.


Web design Jacksonville FL must take user experience into account. This does not mean that a web designer should do away with elegant design. The important thing is to make sure that customers will have a satisfying experience on the website - which will make them stay longer and come back in future for more shopping.


Creating powerful user experience takes a lot of planning and careful design and it's not easy to dissect the entire anatomy of a well built retail website. However, some things do stand out. For example, a retail site must be easy to navigate. Customers are readily put off by cumbersome multilevel links and back buttons. The checkout procedure of a retail website is another area where web design Jacksonville FL fails. Customers don't need mind-numbing procedures when all they are trying to do is place an order. People will browse such a website, absorb all the information they want, and then proceed to buy from a different website where they find the ordering much easier. The shopping cart should be simple and intuitive - no need to frustrate customers who have spent the past thirty minutes checking out your products.



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