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The Multiple c Class IP Hosting Brings Higher Page Ranking o

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The multiple c class IP hosting is the modern SEO (search engine optimization) hosting technique where a number of websites each having a unique IP address is used to bring the higher page ranking of the main site in major search engine. In the present virtual environment, a strong web presence of a business is an added advantage that offers a level playing field to compete with the other players. The top page ranking of the hosted website in the search engine result page (SERP) ensures the formidable online presence of the business and accelerates its growth prospects.

The present SEO hosting techniques are executed using the different c class IP addresses instead of the single IP address and thus represent the uniqueness of each micro site offering the link to the main website. The c class of an IP address is distinct and with use of the c class blocks, the job of SEO hosting becomes easier. Although all linked websites belong to a single web owner or a SEO host, the different IP addresses help to build the impression of having no relationship with the same party. The search engines find the network of the websites with different IP addresses as unique and unrelated and appreciate these sites with higher rank value.

Once the network of websites is sure to comply with the latest criteria of the search engines without any potential penalty or banning, the SEO host makes all out efforts for value addition in these sites. This is because the higher ranking of a main business site in the SERP is possible through the quality inbound and outbound links from these micro websites. When the linked micro websites are able to draw the attention of the targeted web traffic, the chances of higher ranking of the main sites become imminent.

The different c class IP addresses have also other advantages too. When a SEO provider hosts domain of each micro websites with different IP address, these sites work much faster and are found to be easily accessible by the online visitors when searched with a particular set of keywords. The host gets a free hand to implement different optimization processes for better search result.

Whether it is off page optimization or quality link building, the hosted micro websites become successful to effectively back link to the main business site. The submission of informative and related contents on the websites supported by the attractive blog farms increases the credibility of both the micro and the main site and serve the purpose with top page ranking in leading search engines.


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