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Perusing Student Loans No Cosigner

by anonymous

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Many people are going to need financial aid with their education.  Most will need some type of financial assistance to complete their education. One of them getting the financing they need for their college education. You will then be able to see that student loans without cosigner are possible, if not a necessity.  Here are some things to consider.

If you have not already done so, apply for student aid. Fill out a FAFSA form. Free Application for Federal Student Aid is FAFSA.  The U. S. Department of Education issues this form. This information processed from this form is very important. It may take some time to fill out the form, but it is your first step to receiving student aid.  It is used to consider student grants, also.

You have to provide information about yourself. Go to the FAFSA website and apply for student aid. Go to  You may be able to find out any other information there. You will have to update your FAFSA form every school year.

Your next step might be to apply for a Stafford loan.  Before 1988 it was the Federal Guaranteed Student Loan Program.  The federal government renamed the program in honor of Senator Robert Stafford from Vermont, some years ago.

The U. S. Government guarantees Stafford loans. This is similar to VA and FHA loans.  If you do not pay, they will. This makes it a low risk loan for lenders. There is subsidized or unsubsidized money.

Students in need can receive a subsidized Stafford loan. You do not need a cosigner. Other circumstances may also apply. It will depend on your family's income and financial situation. You will also make no payments during that time. The government pays the interest on the loan while enrolled in school. Six months after school, you will start your payments.

There are relatively low money limits on this loan. $5500 is the most get in your senior year. You only get $3500 as a freshman. The main difference between unsubsidized and subsidized is interest payments. You will be responsible for accrued interest while you are in school, with the subsidized. These are essentially no cosigner student loans. You make no payments until you leave school.

Loan limits on subsidized loans are different for dependent and independent students.  It goes by dependent and independent students.  If you are claimed on your parent's income tax, you are probably dependent. If you are 24 years old or married, you are independent.  A full list of qualifications is available at the Stafford website. For dependent students, your limit is $2000 per year. Independent students can get up to $7000.000 for each school year.

It is possible to get a student loan with no co-signer.  Stafford loans are one option. However, the loan amount is limited.  Make sure you have filled out a FAFSA form.

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