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Social Media is not FREE and here is why

by insightsmarketing

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Social media-based marketing costs real money. While it may not be millions of dollars for 30 seconds of air time, making sense of the social Web and really getting it right, takes planning, creative insight, product management, and other internal resources, all of which have costs associated with them.

Social media is “free” in terms of not costing money to sign up for sites like Facebook and Twitter, but it’s certainly not “free” in terms of the times it takes to put a social media marketing strategy into action. If you don’t have time, you will need the cash to hire someone who can put the time into it for you.

Unlike larger firms that can often spread the work required for a successful media program across a team, in a small business, that team is often one person. And, that person already has a full time job! Owners and managers already have enough responsibility to deal with on a daily basis. Having to post to a social media site is low on the priority list.

Social Media costs resources and time. If you do not have both time and money, it would be difficult to keep a fresh and updated social media presence. This is the biggest obstacle for many businesses. Creating a “person to person” atmosphere and experience is what is going to get your audiences coming back. Randomly posting information and basically sending out the same information everyday, or information that has no relevance to what you are trying to say about your business, may cause your social networking site to fail.

Do-it yourself: If you truly have no cash, you’ll need to roll up your sleeve and put sweat equity to work. If this describes your situation, how many hours can you put into doing marketing? DYI cost of marketing = Your hourly rate X # of hours.

Why outsource? Businesses that need direction with their social media efforts should consider hiring help. A firm can help you build a smart social media strategy that will determine where to spend your time on social networks and how to spend it once you’re there. They can also help you weave your social media efforts into your overall marketing mix. If you’re struggling to find your footing with social media, outsource to get the strategic help your business needs. That way, your time and money will be much better spent.

In the meantime, I would LOVE to help you create a solid marketing plan that allows the engagement you want with your customers.

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