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Christmas Has Come To Your Vehicle

by xkglow

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Automotive LED lighting is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your automobile. Vehicle manufacturers have known this fact for years. The sleek styling of a beautiful car is generally shown off during the day, but some of the most eye-catching ads show the car at night. Then the headlights and taillights of the car change from subtle additions to the focal point of the automobile composition. Some of the most dramatic vehicle shots show a three-quarter view of the car from the front with the headlights enhanced with a glow filter. Alternately, when the car is shot with a bit of fog, the path of the headlights appears for increased drama. The vehicle itself may be illuminated with a side light, but the power of the display comes from the headlights.


Manufacturers also play up the lighting of the car from the point of view of the driver. In this case, the driver display is the focus, often lit in a palate of green, orange or blue. Often, the main focus is the speedometer, with a lit needle quickly accelerating across the dial.


Of course, each of these light sets, though adding to the beauty of the car, each have a critical function. Whether they look good or not, they are required for the car. Many car owners have decided that this is not enough for their vehicles. For these car aficionados, after market dealers offer special kits for automotive LED lighting to further enhance the look of the car.


One of these looks is a kit, which creates a light atmosphere for both the interior and the undercarriage of the car. The interior lighting is not unlike the look that comes when the interior map lights are lit, but the LEDs are placed in such a way as to illuminate the interior without any clear source of the lights. In addition, the light color is often selected for even more drama. The color is subtle (it does not really look quite like a Christmas light) and is chosen to set off or contrast with the color of the car exterior. For instance, a dark grey car looks gorgeous with an electric blue color scheme. It has the same kind of color combination used in banks to communicate wealth and stability. This same color can be mimicked with the undercarriage as well. Once again, the source of the light is hidden, and it almost looks as if the path illuminates itself in the presence of the vehicle. These two light systems are controlled by a special iPhone, ipod, ipad including all iOS devices. The iPhone LED light software gives total control to the driver over the added illumination.

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