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Finding A Charity You Can Donate Your Car To

by DonaldLewis01

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All along the eastern seaboard, there are cars that are no longer functional, sitting in yards and driveways. If you have a car that no longer works, you may have wondered how you can get rid of it without forking over big bucks to a towing company to pick it up for you. There are lots of charities available who will take your car away for you at no cost, leaving you with not a bill but a feeling of having done something worthwhile for the world. However, whether you're looking to donate a car in New York, donate a car in North Carolina, or any state in between, there are plenty of charities for you to choose from. Doing a little research will help you find a charity that you deem worthy of your donation, so here are some tips that you may find helpful along the way.

To start your research, you can ask any friends and family members who have donated cars to charities for advice. They can let you know where they've donated their cars to, and can give you some idea of where to start. Once you've gotten some basic information from some people you can trust, you can look into things a bit yourself.

A good way to find different charities is to look online. Start by typing something simple, like "donate a car in New York" into the search bar; doing this will pull up many of your available options. Once you've located a few web sites for different charities, you can poke around on them to see exactly what they offer. Pay attention to what they use their proceeds for to determine if they'd be something you'd like to contribute to. Once you've found some web sites for charities that you'd be interested in contributing to, you can look into each of them a bit more.

A good way to get further information that may not be available on their web sites is to simply call them to speak with them. Ask any questions you may not have been able to find answers to online, and see if you can gauge an overall "vibe" from them. After you've located a charity organization that seems ideal, you can get your donation set up with them.

There are plenty of other ways you can find a place to donate a car in North Carolina, New York, or anywhere else along the eastern seaboard. As long as you find a charity that suits your needs, you should be all set.



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