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Building Energy Modelling: How can evaluation of Building Pe

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The evaluation of a building performance can considerably reduce the impact of the external environment, better the quality of indoor environment, provide exact component sizing and forecast the energy use, operational costs and carbon dioxide emissions of a building. Furthermore, it can even help in tackling a tricky design problem, complying with the standard norms or in generating an Energy Performance Certificate. The major issues which each building is faced with are energy consumption and risk of overheating. There is a direct co relation of the changes in building design and occupation with the energy and thermal performance of buildings and building energy modelling provides an in depth analysis of the possible effect of the changes.

When can energy modelling be done?

In new buildings, the energy modelling is done right from the inception of its design process in order to guide the further development of the design and construction.

In existing buildings, modelling can help to study and minimise the costs of carbon emissions effectively.

Our expertise

Our experienced team can maximise building energy performance and bring down the environmental impact by undertaking design evaluation studies along with engineers, architects and end users teams. The specialist services offered are:

  • Part L2/EPC Analysis
  • BREEAM and/or LEED Credits
  • Testing buildings for summer overheating
  • Calculation of peak heating/cooling loads
  • Identifying causes of discomfort or excessive energy use in existing buildings and evaluating options for remedial action.
  • Passive Designs
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
  • Lighting and Day lighting Modelling

Hence, it is very important to understand, the behaviour of buildings in light of the increasing stringency of energy performance legislation and ever growing energy costs, and then undertake the much required evaluation followed by the necessary corrective actions.


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