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Storage software: an overview

by swethar

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In today’s business world, every industry is rapidly growing with the changing market trends. In that IT industry is the one, which is leading with innovative technologies and developments. It handles numerous streams to increase the growth of the business. As the business grows, the data also grows rapidly. These days, every organization is facing difficulty in storing the large amount of data in a single device. Generally, servers are used to maintain the data in any industry with network connectivity. These servers can provide data access to the multiple users within organizational network. They can store and protect the data securely with a password protected folder in the server domain.

The main drawback with these servers is that they have limited storage capacity and cannot afford immense amount of data. Hence, numerous storage devices are developed to fulfill these storage hassles. IT professionals have designed and developed these devices with advanced technical features to store maximum amount of information with complete protection. There are many devices such as zip drives, data travelers, hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SDD), SAN, NAS, Storwize, tape drives, autoloaders, tape cartridges, magnetic tapes and many more. All these systems and devices are directly connected to the servers with USB ports to enhance the efficiency and flexibility.

Tivoli storage productivity center is popular storage software to maintain the data. Tivoli can simplify, tune and optimize the workloads to produce outstanding performance. These days, most of the IT organizations are implementing this device to maintain the operational costs and to reduce the data intricacy. It can manage the storage environment and infrastructure management to tune the workloads. It can save organizational time by managing and reducing the manual work pressure. This storage device can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) to increase the return on investment (ROI).

It can combine the storage assets management, capacity, operations and performance to enhance the business growth. Tivoli is offered from SAN management applications, storage resource management (SRM) device into a single comfort. It can maintain and store the immense amount of data for further references and retrieve it whenever required. It is integrated to endorse numerous supporting devices, hardware requirements and many more to maintain the database. It is also featured with multiple USB ports to maintain the other hardware resources. Tivoli can support multiple operating systems like windows, Solaris, Linux, UNIX, and many more on multiple computer devices.

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