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by finlayhardy

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What makes London so charming to the masses? Why does it seem to be equally appealing to tourists, city slickers and country folk alike? It’s simple. It has something for everything, regardless of their tastes and preferences. That’s the magic of the capital, the diverse energy that flows throughout, through the high georgian terraces of Kensington and the gritty markets of Camden and Shoreditch. It’s a place where Perivale escorts are distinct from the girls of Bayswater, a collection of unique little places.

Speaking of Perivale, that’s probably the perfect example. It’s a mix of the old and the new. The red brick houses of recent times sit alongside gorgeous Art Deco buildings, seamlessly blending style and substance. Much of the city is like this, and it’s this fantastic variety that makes everyone love London.

To understand it, it’s necessary to consider just how London was formed. Before the industrial revolution, it was a collection of much smaller towns. They all had their own identities, their own communities, traditions and customs. Thanks to the mechanisation of the work force and the rapid expansion of the capital, many of them were assimilated in this greater city. However, what followed was not the homogeneity one would expect in such a situation. The title of London was less prescriptive than many people think, if anything it was simply an umbrella term for all the small communities. They kept what made them wonderful, what made them unique and special.

That’s why so many people are unhappy about what is happening in the latest developments. London appears to be modelling itself on other modern cities, and there seems to be a race to build as many tall offices as possible. Some of them, like the Shard, are eye catching and unique. They are just another spice to add to the great mixing pot of London. The problem is that someone has decided not just to splash a few drops of this, a few of that. They’re pouring a full glug of these glass and steel monuments, without worrying about the balance. Simply put, they don’t care about the flavour of London, all they care about is making money. They would be happy to see Kensington, Mile End and Perivale escorts become the same thing. They don’t want districts. They do want specialised areas. They want to drown everywhere in the same stifling coat of whitewash.

The capital doesn’t need this, it doesn’t need to be ruined. It doesn’t need to stripped down and ripped apart. Rebuilt in the image of a corporate idol, the world would lose one of its most interesting attractions.

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