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What is the Process of Putting on Orthodontic Braces?

by pensmith

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Orthodontic braces are the newest inclusion in the era of dental treatment. It is an innovative technique used for the dental patients in order to repair their misaligned or crooked teeth. Dental braces can be of many types. From the traditional metal braces to the modern invisible braces, the list is quite long. However, it is true that not all types of braces are suitable for everyone. According to the severity of the dental abnormalities, the orthodontists recommend teeth braces. The main function of the braces is to create pressure on the affected teeth in order to place them into its right position/alignment.

Orthodontic braces generally include some of the important parts and attachments such as brackets, wires and aligners. The process of applying all these parts on the patient’s teeth is different. Here is an important analysis on how to put the orthodontic braces on the patient’s teeth:

How to Apply the Brackets: Brackets are actually metal rectangles affixed to each individual tooth. In order to install a bracket, the surface of the tooth is scraped clean of plaque and polished to remove any sugar, protein, or saliva residues. After that the dentists would hit the surface with the burst of pressurized air to dry it before applying a special conditioner. This unique conditioner dissolves any remaining contaminants from the surface and prepared tooth so that they can receive the cement primer later on. After a few seconds later, the conditioner is removed with water and the tooth is allowed to be dried with another burst of air.

How to Apply Bands: In contrast to the brackets, bands are wide, circular strips or malleable metal designed for rear teeth and it provides an anchor for the arch wire as well as the buccal tubes. In order to apply the bands properly on the patient’s teeth, a special device “spacers” are used between the molars one week in advance. This provides proper room for fitting and cementing. During the end of the week, the spacers are removed and the orthodontist slides a pre-made band designed for the molar around the top of the tooth. After that the “bite stick” is placed by the orthodontist over the top of the band. During this time the orthodontists also instructs the patient to bite down as it pushes the band into right place.

How to Apply the Archwires and Liganding Modules: Archwires are another device used for making a link between the brackets and bands together. This creates the tension that supplies the underlying physical mechanism for braces. In order to install archwires, the orthodontists fit the pre-formed archwire into the brackets. This, at the same time, ensures proper fittings and making any last time adjustment.

Finally the orthodontists or the dental helper will set about the task of locking the archwire permanently into place by installing plastic or wire ligatures.

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