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Sponge mops are good for cleaning wooden floors

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Mopping is the main task in house cleaning. It is an essential component in our daily routine. Mops are the basic cleaning tools and come in various shapes and sizes. These are made with different kinds of materials such as cotton, nylon, synthetic and other combined material.  You should also use the one that is well suited for the flooring of your premise. Sponge mops are preferable for all kinds of floors, as these are smooth to the surfaces. These mops consist of sponge head to clean the corner of the surfaces at home. These are mainly recommended for wooden floors as it can remove all the dust particles and stains.


In wooden floors, there are many types; like laminating, hardwood and many more. Laminating floors are the expensive one, when compared to other floorings. These days, it is the latest trend in all kinds of houses to give the luxurious and glamorous look. It is important to take care while mopping this floor. Always choose the best mop, which is a best suited for this floor. Some people do not bother about choosing the right mop for the floor. If you choose the wrong mop for wooden flooring, then it may cause scratches on the floor.


Sponge is the preferable one for this kind of flooring, as it can clean the surface easily. It is easy to use this mop as it makes your floor germs and stains free. These contain removable heads to replace whenever required. Generally, it is advisable to change the heads regular after every six months to get rid of the stinging smell. Usually, dust particles get accumulated on these wipes. Though, it is washed, some micro particles remain on it and spread the bad smell. If you face the same issue with your mop, then it is the time to change the head.


These are not only used to clean the wooden floors, but also be used to wipe the tiles, marbles and other smooth surfaces. These wipes can clean the uneven surfaces and make them germ free. As you maintain the floor properly with these mops, in the same way, you have to maintain the mop with regular cleaning. Always remember to sweep the floor, before mopping it to prevent the dust accumulation.


If you are wiping a wooden floor, avoid using chemicals and vinegar. It may damage to the floor. In the same way, you have to follow some simple tips to maintain the floor and clean the house.

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