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How to Determine the Kind of Lift Your Jeep Has

by Charityk

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There are two main categories for lifts that you can use on your truck or SUV. These are body lifts and Suspension lifts. The body lift is applied to the existing suspension of the vehicle and raises it but while doing so does not provide extra travel. Body lift gives the frame a certain lift at rest, but lower lift and clearance when the Jeep is travelling. A suspension lift replaces the stock suspension and looks similar to a body lift on the exterior, but in the interior boasts better off road performance and more suspension travel. The kit for the suspension lift may leave the back with more lift than the front.

Jeep owners choose to lift their vehicles in order to give them extra ground clearance that allows them to more easily and traverse off-road obstacles while others want a stylish design and profile on their Jeeps. You can easily identify which of the two types you have on your Jeep with a quick inspection.

Step 1: Loosen the lug nuts of one rear wheel while the Jeep is still on the ground.

Step 2: Put the Jeep on a jack and raise it so as the rear tires are elevated and ensure it’s safely stabilized.

Step 3: Now go ahead and remove one of the wheels.

Step 4: Inspect the Jeep Suspension on your vehicle. You will be able to see it clearly once the wheel has been removed. If the Jeep has lift but still has the stock suspension springs installed then it is a body lift. But if you notice a third-party suspension springs installed then you have a suspension lift.

Step 5: Once you identify your Jeep suspension, write down detailed notes about your suspension. This includes anything you can use to identify the make and model of your Jeep suspension Lift Kit. You can start from displayed brand names, identification numbers or any unique identification traits you will see. Use this information to research with manufacturers’ catalogues or websites in order to determine exactly which lift kit is on your vehicle.

Tips: In case it is difficult to identify the lift kit on your Jeep try taking pictures with a camera and posting them on a Jeep or automotive forum. The forum community may be able to help you identify your lift using the images posted.

The work of a Jeep suspension is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface and provide steering ability with a good handling ensuring the comfort of the passengers. Jeeps need specialized suspension lift kits to take advantage of the vehicle’s abilities.


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