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Englewood Orthopedic Surgeon: Details on Total Joint Replace

by kristalbyrnes

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If your doctor has just suggested total joint replacement for you, understandably, you have many inquiries about the treatment. As you decide on the possibility of having a total joint replacement surgery, your perfect resource would be a skilled Englewood orthopedic surgeon. Right here are some of the most common questions about the operation.

Q: What does total joint replacement consist of?

A: Total joint replacement is an orthopedic procedure where a damaged joint--such as a hip or knee joint-- is switched out with an artificial device built from metal or plastic. Such a gadget is generally called a prosthesis that is made to operate like a normal, healthy joint.

Q: How long will a prosthetic last?

A: Advanced technology has extensively improved the lifespan of prosthetics. If your natural joint wore out, your synthetic joint will ultimately wear out as well. The lifespan of the new joint will depend on your age, weight, lifestyle, and medical problem. How long it will last differs with each patient, and a surgeon can not assure any certain period.

Q: What are the perils of total joint replacement surgery?

A: While dangers are low for this treatment, they do come about. Two of the most grievous complications are blood clots and infections. To prevent these troubles, the surgeon will use blood thinners for the former and antibiotics for the latter. Surgeons will additionally take all the vital safety measures on the operating table to reduce these chances.

Q: What would disqualify me from the treatment?

A: If you have joint infections, had a recent heart attack, congestive heart failure or stroke, and other severe conditions, then you will be unqualified to have joint replacement. However, many of these conditions may be improved with efficient care. So if you do not qualify now, you still can in the future when your medical condition has normalized.

If you have other questions, it's ideal to talk about them with a skilled Englewood orthopedic surgeon. Schedule a consultation to know what to expect from the treatment and how much it will cost. If your hip joints need to be switched out, you may know more about hip surgery with


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