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A Reliable Roofing Contractor Enhances Your Roof Deck

by beckysteele

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Winter in Charleston, South Carolina is typically gentle, but citizens do experience infrequent snow outbreaks. This kind of circumstance can cause sizable damage to your roof, which has to be evaluated and corrected by a reliable roofing contractor in Charleston as soon as possible. Nonetheless, to ensure the brand-new asphalt shingles can secure your house from harmful elements, the roofing contractors have to fortify the roofing underlayment by means of the following components.

Waterproofing Membrane

A waterproofing membrane is placed on top of the plywood stratum and then along the eaves and valleys, which are parts most predisposed to leakages and excess water runoff. Waterproofing membranes are typically manufactured from bitumen, a mixed substance consisting of limestone or sand, polymers, and rubber additives. These bituminous membranes come in the form of huge rolls (which allow for manageable smearing along the roof) and adhesive backing.

Builder's Felt

Builder's felt, often regarded as tar paper, works as another moisture shield on the roof that adds to insulation at the same time. Just like bituminous membranes, tar paper comes in the form of massive rolls so they can be quickly extended on the roofing. Nevertheless, tar paper doesn't have adhesive backing and thus must be carefully tacked or stapled atop the waterproofing membrane.


Flashing reinforces the edges and valleys of the roofing system and provides these parts extra shield against moisture and water. More water sealant can be added to the valleys to further enhance their capacity to withstand water and moisture. The most fitting type of flashing to utilize is the one made of galvanized steel as this material is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures.

Drip Edges

Drip edges are pieces of roof trim that lead water into the rain gutters so the water will not simply trickle off the edges. In the absence of drip edges, there's a possibility that water will flow through the fascia and siding, which will subsequently result in structural damage. Drip edges are normally made from metal and plastic, but galvanized steel or aluminum drip edges are more resilient.

When these elements have been securely installed on your roofing system by the proficient roofing contractor from Mount Pleasant you employ, your roofing system will be prepared to be re-shingled. For optimum results, ask the contractor to use shingles from GAF, one of the best suppliers of roofing materials in North America. To find out more, check out


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