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Having Growers Market in your Local Community

by digitalAV

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Being a type of person who wants to get out of the house and enjoy bonding time with family friends, having a community market nearby is one of the best perks that I can get from my neighborhood.

Safe and Organic Produce

And since I'm really careful in buying food products, being able to talk to the local growers makes me feel that me and my family are eating fresh produce that are organically grown. Meaning, farmers don't use harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers just to make the fruits and vegetables look big and smooth.

These farmers use their homemade and organically created fertilizers such as plant-based fertilizers like wood ash, soybean meals, cottonseed and even fruit peelings. In addition, they also use compost livestock manures which enrich the soil with nutrients like potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. And of course, they feed their plants with proper care and love. That's why farmers in growers markets are known to have green thumbs.

Builds Community Relationship

On the other hand, having farmers market creates community participation. Stall owners and shoppers come together in one place. Market place suddenly becomes a hub of bonding for families, friends and for those people who want to relax and at the same time, have fun during weekends. That's right. These markets are open every weekends but there are ones that are open every day, every month and during certain occasions like Christmas markets.

I'm proud to say that living in Brisbane brings a lot of fun especially that there are different markets in Brisbane that I can visit. They have live bands, gourmet food, stalls selling different kinds of handmade items like jewelry, soaps, arts and crafts and many more.

Farmers are also very friendly and always love to share tips on how they grow the produce that I purchase. Community markets have never ending stories to tell. This is where people from different walks of life gather to see beautiful items and wonderful people.

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