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Leader board to stimulate better performance.

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Transparency fuels success. This is what we at Salesboard believe. That’s exactly why we’ve designed a virtual leader board to stimulate better performance out of your sales force.

Salesboard is a free application on which your sales team can compare, share and motivate each other to exceed their targets. A unique coming together of conventional sales motivational techniques and state-of-the-art gaming technology, Salesboard ends up becoming a powerful incentive for your employees to perform better.

Founded on the spirit of healthy competition, Salesboard lets your team gain access to vital information and statistics that will keep them energized and inspired every day. Soon the observable progress and the challenges it poses will have everyone wanting to do better than the other.

What’s more, Salesboard even lets you recognize and reward your top performers on a public forum through real-time performance metrics. Just one little gesture and your star performers will never complain about not getting enough credit. All you need to do is track performance and highlight the high scorers.

In fact, by collecting SalescoinsTM, Badges and Awards, your team can redeem in-game virtual or physical goods and services. This can go a long way in boosting employee morale, upping personnel retention and creating overall goodwill in your team.

Salesboard is a fun and engaging way for your team to share, compare and set new benchmarks for themselves. The great thing is that you’ll find this motivation is naturally emerging from within the lives of your employees. As a result, they will strive to do better each day. You know there isn’t anything more powerful than that. Little wonder then that improved performance across the board is a direct impact of engaging with Salesboard.

 Everyone loves playing games. Everyone loves winning. But you’ll find your team will even look forward to just be a part of the leader board. That just proves how transparency, collaboration and competition can create a groundswell of inspiration at the workplace. Put simply, this constructive work environment with an inspired work force will undoubtedly help generate more revenue for your company.

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