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Portable towel warmers- the most popular choice

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A towel warmer as the name suggests is a device that is used to keep your towels warm. Not only does it heat your towels, it also helps in heating your bathroom. Some people use towel warmers or radiators to heat their bedrooms as well, but mostly it is used as an apparatus to make your bathroom more luxurious at a small price.

A towel heateror a towel warmer has become increasingly popular over the years and is now available in a large range of designs, color schemes and price tags. There are a lot of advantages of having a bathroom radiator. It is basically a rack that is used to heat your towels. Besides towels, you can hang socks, tshirts and other light weight clothes to warm up before you wear them. Drying yourself off with a warm towel after a long soak in the tub, is one of the best feelings in the world. The radiator also helps to heat up your bathroom so that the temperature difference is kept to a minimum.

While buying a towel warmer, you should know all the available options in the market. There are different kinds of towel warmers and one of the most popular choice is the portable towel warmer. Aportable towel warmers has many advantages. The main advantage is that this type of heater is more cost effective than most others; simply for the fact that you can transfer it from room to room and can therefore avoid the cost of installing a radiator in every bathroom.

The portable towel warmerkeeps your towel dry and warm so that you don’t feel as cold getting out of a warm shower or bath. Also, by drying up and heating the bathroom, it kills bacteria that thrive in moist environments, thus promoting better health and saving you from calling in sick to work.

This type of heater can also be a freestanding towel warmer. It is low cost and uses little electricity. It is easy to install and maintain. Regular care will ensure that your heater lasts well after its anticipated life span and you can avoid the additional costs of replacing the heater.

The towel heater or towel radiator is available in a variety of colors and designs and you can choose one to match the existing fittings in your bathroom. They are available in popular colors like gold, chrome, white, cream, beige and black. Different sizes and capacities are available and you should choose a radiator keeping in mind the size of your bathroom. If you choose too large a heater, your bathroom will become claustrophobic and too small a heater will not be warm enough, the best way is to consult an expert.

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