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Pledge to Protect Earth

by halabolteam

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Pollution levels are increasing day by day. Environment sustainability is extremely essential, to establish a safe environment for the future. We as the citizens of earth need to pledge this, to make the world a better place. The ozone layer continues to deplete thereby increasing the possibility of natural disasters, like heat waves, flash floods, severe hurricanes, etc. Man made damage to the environment should be kept at minimum.

Reducing carbon footprints and emission, and reusing as many items as we can are the one of the most important way to ensure that we maintain our environment. We should all use eco-friendly items at home and workplace. However there is much more to sustainability that just using eco products and recycling. People, along with their government should together come up with decisions to make sure that all the available resources are being used efficiently. We need to ensure that the resources should not come up with health and safety issues. Government should come up with policies in the economy that augment sustainability, and not the other way around. Going “green” is the way to go, so that any advancement in technology should not block sustainability.

Reducing the over consumption of natural resources and emission of carbon into atmosphere from vehicles is the major solution for the environmental problems. Try to control the activities which catalysis global warming and climate changes and control the industrial developmental projects that cause water pollution. Reduce consumption of non-biodegradable materials and deforestation for developmental activities. Pledge this to decrease the activities causing pollution of soil, forests, air and water bodies, air.

Going green is definitely not cheap. People have to pay a premium to get things such as organic food, solar panels, etc. compared to the genetically modified foods. The green products are hard to find for some consumers and are expensive too. To ensure that the green products are made available to everyone and at an affordable price, co-operation from the government is needed. For those who want to go green, it is more of a lifestyle choice for them.

Recycling is another method to protect and reduce environmental strain. Recyclable materials like electronics devices, such as computers and cell phones should be taken to compost plants. These plants minimize the waste and carbon dioxide output while creating healthy organic fertilizer. Recycling of the used materials with available technologies can reduce deforestation. Our environment can be made sustainable in the future with the involvement of more people, who will pledge this to make sure that the environment is not affected by man-made and natural pollutants.

Since the dawn of our life on earth, we human beings have lived for centuries with our natural surroundings including flora and fauna. The natural instinct should not permit us that the nature with which we have shared everything the food, home and everything we yearn for centuries. We need to understand that there is a symbiotic relationship among every living being, every species on earth. One wrong step of ours could disturb the balance maintained by nature and could affect our very existence. Pledge this to protect earth from the impending dangers.


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