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Egypt tourist information: Best Egypt tourist

by askaladdin

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There are many great places where one can holiday. There is the romantic Paris, and the exotic sea destination of Mauritius, and the historical India. But if you are looking for a potpourri of all, then Egypt is the number one recommendation. Egypt tours will set up your date with the romantic Nile, and would bring you to some of the best beaches by the Red Sea, and it will also give you a window to look through at the bygone eras. There can be nothing more historical than the pyramids and the sphinx! Then there is the Luxor Temple and the Temple of Karnak. All these structures are thousands of years old!

Compared to the 16th century monument of Taj Mahal, a pyramid which runs into the BC era is definitely more spine-chilling and makes for a thrilling escapade. By checking out Egypt tourist information you can find out plenty of traveling tips. For instance, foreign tourists are recommended to carry light cotton clothes since the country gets quite hot during the summer afternoons. Also, if you are used to running around the town in skimpy clothes, you better skip your habit for the time being! Egypt is traditional and conservative. Hence, strolling down the market side in itsy bitsy bikinis is not something anyone would recommend.

There are many other things that you must gather before you travel to this place. Language can be a problem if you do not speak English or Urdu. So, if you are traveling from some remote European country and can speak only Spanish or Portuguese, then you better hire a translator or be escorted by a friend who can communicate in English or through local dialects. With the aid of Egypt tourist information, you can also find out the best time to visit the country and the best hotels where you should check in.

Amongst the popular Egypt tourist places, pyramids always head the chart. The Great Pyramid at Giza is the most iconic structure which ancient man has come up with. It would also be quite interesting to find out some local & archaeological information about the pyramids and the Pharaohs. The Sphinx is another must-visit attraction. Cities like Cairo, Luxor, Giza and Aswan make for the top four Egypt tourist places. They have most of the top-ranked attractions between them. Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Aswan High Dam and Temple of Karnak are some of the sites you dare not miss out on.

Depending on your taste, you can also explore the culture! Traveling down the markets, shops and museums will open up a bright little world for you. The food served in hotels and restaurants comprise of an eclectic mix of various cuisines. No doubt, Egypt tours always end up giving you the fondest memories.