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Top Quality Fishing Vessels from Boat Dealers in Alberta

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Recreational boats vary in design and purpose. For instance, some are ideal for leisurely inshore fishing, while others are designed for rougher waters. Take a look at some of the recreational fishing boats you can find from top boat dealers in Alberta.

Aluminum boats

Some of the best recreational fishing boats are made of aluminum. This smooth and lightweight metal is considered the ideal boat construction material since it’s highly resistant to corrosion. Fishing boats made with riveted aluminum sheeting are less likely to develop leaks and are thus safe choices for fishing and boating enthusiasts.

Offshore boats

Some boats are designed for offshore fishing, which involves big game fishing in the open sea. Such boats should therefore have sufficient size and storage capacity, with a comfortable and spacious cabin to provide some shelter while out at sea. At the same time, these boats should have adequate space to accommodate fishing gear, equipment, and of course, the day’s catch.

Lake fishing boats

Some of the best game fish can be found in freshwater lakes. However, owing to space constraints, most lakes can only accommodate a limited number of vessels. As such, recreational lake fishing boats are often compact in design. Lake fishing boats called runabouts can accommodate up to four people, with some space to spare for fishing equipment and their catch. Some lake fishing boats are fully equipped with shades to provide maximum protection, while others simply have a windshield.

River boats

River boats have more streamlined designs and are capable of reaching high speeds, depending on water depths. River boats may also have rounded hulls to avoid digging into riverbeds, which can cause severe damage to a water craft. Meanwhile, river boats with V-shaped hulls are optimized for deep river fishing.

Pontoon boats

Some of the recreational vessels that Alberta boat dealers sell are special fishing vessels called pontoon boats. Some pontoon boats are called “multi-hull” boats, with floatation devices under the vessel that help keep the deck afloat. Pontoon boats are ideal for big game fishing because these can carry heavy loads. For more information, visit

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