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Cure Your Hypertension Without Medications With High Blood P

by myhealthy

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According to a recent study, it was found that one out of every three Americans has high blood pressure as the health disorder. This is sometimes referred as the “silent killer” also because the person who is having this disease can live for many years without actually knowing about it. The only way one can know about it is doctor’s check up.

According to doctors, there are main action steps which need to be taken to control it without medications. These are :

  • Changing lifestyle

  • Eating healthier food

  • Exercise

You can try one of these which will work for you as one of the best high blood pressure remedies.

Changing eating habits: being overweight or obese is bad for you. It is believed that 65% of American adults are overweight. If you are 30% more than your normal weight, you should start making changes to your diet. If you are hypertensive, then you must consume only 1.5 gms of sodium per day. Increase your potassium intake by taking 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

You must avoid eating canned foods, cold cuts, sugary, sweets, etc. Stick on low fat dairy products. These dietary changes will work most for you in high blood pressure.

Getting more physical is a good idea: light aerobic exercise four to five times a week is essential for a hypertension patient. Thirty minutes of light exercise will keep you fit and fine.

Bringing lifestyle changes: a bad lifestyle can be the best enemy for you in high blood pressure. Moderate your alcohol intakes. Say no to tobacco and smoking as it increases your probability of heart attack.

A recent report says that there are some unknown ingredients in coffee which raises the BP readings of an individual. It is not caffeine but some other ingredient.

Some other high blood pressure remedies:

According to a noted blood pressure authority at the University Of Texas, “ people having mild hypertension should follow non-drug approach as their first line of defense or should be at least tried”.

It is said that parsley is a good element in high blood pressure. it has some elements which maintain capillaries. The arterial system remains in a healthy condition. One can consume it as a beverage with water.

Garlic is another effective method for controlling the high readings during hypertension. The arterial spasms are greatly reduced with this. The pulse rate is also reduced with this modifying the rhythm of the heart. Different symptoms of hypertension like dizziness, shortness of breath, numbness and gas formation can be controlled by the regular consumption of garlic. One can consume it in raw form or as capsules per day.

Reports have shown that people who were physically active or those who were living a sedentary lifestyle can fall victim of this disease. Therefore, it is essential for you to go for regular check up to detect this silent killer.if caught, start taking precautions immediately as this can only keep you healthy.

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