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let kick out all types of dog fleas now with effective preve

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let kick out all types of dog fleas now with effective preventive measures


 There are so many products in stores, which claim to kill fleas and ticks, but other than these products using natural remedies to kill these pests is the best choice. Natural remedies will not only be safe on the pet but they are 100% side effect free. In case your pet is too suffering from fleas and ticks then here are some methods by which you can kill dog fleas and that too at a very reasonable price.


  Ways to deal with all types of fleas Lemon


Lemon used in most meals but do you know that lemon is a better floor cleaner than any other type of disinfectant. Just slice little lemon and put them in boiling water. Cover the pan and allow the solution to stay overnight. In the morning mob the floor with this solution and see the effect in just few days. If this is followed every day, then dog fleas will be killed irrespective of wherever they are hiding.


  Citrus spray Citrus spray is an excellent way to kill dog fleas. Make citrus spray and with the help of a spray bottle, sprinkle this solution all over the house. You can also use this solution over sofa cover and beddings to keep away fleas. Dog fleas are highly allergic to the smell of citrus and therefore this is the best fleas cure.


  Clean up the garden and lawn This is one of the best fleas cure but most often neglected. People think that it is not necessary to clean up lawn but it is very crucial in killing dog fleas. Fleas love hot, humid region and grassy, green places are their favorite. So clean the lawn and ensure that you spray some boric acid all over the place. Follow these measures and see dog fleas being disappeared from your house.

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