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Advantages of LED Lighting Panels

by maemullen

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Technology is dynamic and is bound to change once in a while for the better. When the incandescent bulb was invented in the 19th century, many people were awed by its efficiency and also its dassling light. Although it is still a crucial part of humanity, it has been overtaken by the LED lighting panels.  LED comes with very many advantages especially over the traditional bulb and most people have made the switch.


LED lighting panels offer lifetime services meaning that they will be a part of your household for ages.  The incandescent bulbs may seem to last forever but the truth is most of them only have an upper limit of up to 1000 hours after which they fail. For the LED lighting panels however they often have a lifetime of around one hundred thousand hours meaning that if you put them on throughout they will give you a service of close to eleven years and above.  This however is not to mean that the will be there forever though as they still have their drawbacks and usually degrades as time drives by. If they are exposed to the right conditions and temperature you can be sure they will last for long.


LED lighting panels are also low maintenance compare to others. This is one of the major advantages that draw people to them especially in the knowledge that you will not need to maintain them. For major companies requiring huge lighting sources, LED lighting panels are the best for it means that you will indeed save on the cost of maintenance or having to replace.


Another major benefit especially in today’s age of energy crisis is the amount of power consumed. LED lighting panels are known to consume very little meaning that they lead to very huge energy savings. Most of the major industries in the world have switched to this in the hope of saving on cost.


Unlike the incandescent bulbs that produce a lot of heat making it almost impossible to touch, LED Lighting Panels do not heat up and hence are appropriate in most areas. There are areas especially in major industries that have to be maintained at a certain level of cold temperatures. Place where food or certain kind of textiles are stored need to have controlled temperatures.  LED lighting panels are especially made for such situations as they do not produce heat.



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