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What type of wheel alignment is best for my vehicle?

by Neomy

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Wheel alignment is the process of ensuring that your car wheels are perpendicular to the road and are parallel to each other. This process is carried out in a garage by a mechanic but if you have the skills and tools required, you can as well do it on your own. Wheel alignment ensures that your wheels are always at constant pressure and no friction arises. In short, this process gives you smooth and comfortable rides.

There are 3 major types of wheel alignment. These include four-wheel, front-end and thrust angle alignments. All these types of wheel alignment are done to give your wheels a longer life.

Four-Wheel Alignment

This is the most preferable and best recommended type of alignment for front-wheel and four-wheel drive cars. However, it's done on front- American racing Wheels drives that have rear suspensions and axles that are adjustable but not those that have fixed rear axle and suspensions. This alignment is done by measuring the angles on the rear and front wheels. All the angles are supposed to be equivalent to each other and the wheels square with one another. This alignment takes a longer time to be completed than all the other processes. It's also costly but the work done is thorough and ensures your vehicle is safe from all problems that might result from misalignment. It is best for both trucks and all other cars.

Front End Alignment

Just as the name suggests, front-end alignment is done on the front wheels and axles only. The angles of the front wheels are measured and aligned to be parallel to each other. Unlike in four-wheel alignment, in this type, the rear axles do not have to be adjustable. It works for both adjustable and fixed rear axles and suspensions. The only thing required is that the rear Moto Metal Wheels have to be positioned in a way that they are directly in line with the front ones. This type is cheaper than front-wheel alignment. It is mostly recommended for all other vehicles other than four-wheel drives. This process is not enough for 4WDs.

Thrust Angle Alignment

Thrust angle is the angle of the rear wheels in relation to the centre of the vehicle. It needs to be zero at all times. This alignment is done to put the wheels in square with each other. The mechanic measures the distance between the rear two wheels and the front two wheels. These two distances should be equal. If it's not the same, thrust angle alignment need be done. If this alignment is not done, the steering wheel will not be centred. This in return interferes with the rear axle positioning resulting to car damage.

All these types of alignment; thrust angle, four-wheel and front-end alignment are done to ensure the safety of your car and to give your wheels a longer life.

Make sure that your wheels are always aligned to save yourself from accidents and other technical hitches that might be as a result of misalignment. Always consider the specifications on your car and the type before choosing the one that suits your car best.


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