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A data recorder can be simply describes as a device which is used to store data. Typical example includes plug-in boards or serial communication systems. There are different types of data loggers which are classified according to the storage capacity, speed of recording, shape or size and on the basis of different types of inputs it required to work.

One such type of data recorder is RS232 data recorder/logger by KeyGrabber is one of the best solutions to monitor all types of serial port activity and is recognized as the most efficient tools for the developers. This recorder logs the data into a specified file from any serial port which may be virtual or real and make all the logs suitable for you to analyze. Its working is just similar to that of computing in which user stores certain information on the memory of the computer. Apart from this the data recorder generally uses sensors for converting physical stimuli into electronic signals which means current and voltage which are further digitized to convert into binary bits. After converting the analog signal into digital form the binary bits after examined by the software is then stored into the storage media like hard drive or CD.

With RS232 data recorder/logger you can:-

Log any types of COM port communication – With this you can easily logs the serial port activity by simply connecting it to the desired port and by defining the port setting and choosing of destination file. The data those are going through the COM port will be redirected and store into this file which will later appears as text file.


Helps to track communication between serial post devices and applications – This serial port logger bears the capability to trace all the state of the serial port in real time and then collects all data about serial dataflow and the real RS232. Not only that it also provides the options for defining baud rate settings, number of transmitting bits, stop bits, flow control types and parity checking.

It is one of the best data recorders with the ability of displaying the real time information about receiving of data from selected port and the total bytes present in the logging file. This data recorder is much cheaper than any other loggers available in the market and you can get this logger just by paying much lesser amount than of getting any other loggers models. As this is hardware logger so it is software independent and you can use in any PC without any link with the operating system used as this will work independently and thus its uses is wide spread in various domains. Apart from it can be used by anyone as to operate this you would not require to have any special knowledge.

Thus it is proved that RS232 data recorderis one of the most efficient loggers available in the market and serves it functions in various fields. So if you want to buy a good data recorder then this will best fit you. So without wasting you precious time in testing other recorders order RS232 data recorder today and enjoy its benefits.

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