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Concerning Alexandria VA Windows: How They Can Cut Your Powe

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A lot of people are getting colds or are afflicted with flu during the winter. For this reason, government agencies offer many strategies to battle the flu, including getting flu vaccines. Having well-insulated windowpanes can also help as researches from the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine says that being exposed to cold (like what happens when you have drafty windows) decreases your immunity, therefore making you more vulnerable to colds.

If you already sense flu-like indicators, they're likely to worsen if you don't seek health care treatment and leave your windows incorrectly sealed. Drafty home windows often indicate you need to get replacement windows in Alexandria VA home -- and energy efficient windows are your best option. The following are exactly what you need to learn about energy efficient windows.

Energy-saving windows: The Principles

Your friends may have tossed the expression " energy-saving windows" around a lot, so you may tie up the term with reduced utility use or minimized electricity charges or both. Even though such presumptions are without a doubt valid-- home windows that are utility efficient require minimal energy, thereby decreasing electricity intake in a household-- they're not simply just about that. The primary goal of energy-efficient windows is to lessen air leakage in a home, so that warm air stays in during cold weather, for example.

Being aware of the Components Affecting a Home window's Efficiency

Window Frame. Supporting frames for the glass of your home windows play an necessary role in making sure its energy efficiency. Window frames are made from a variety of building materials including aluminum or any other form of metal, vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or composite. The U.S. Department of Energy, on the other hand, highly recommends the last four as they are the most effective insulators.

Window Glazing. This is the glass part of your windows mounted on the window frame. It appears in a numerous forms including gas fills (usually argon), low-E coatings, reflective coatings, and insulated (double - or triple-glazed) coating. Low-E coatings work out in greatly improving the U-factor or the window's resistance to heat flow, while reflective coatings work in lowering visible transmittance and glare, in addition to solar radiation.

Once you have well-insulated windows in position, it's time to look at having your roofing insulated too by Alexandria VA roofing prosFor more information, visit



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