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Clinch 1st Position & Popularity In Class

by anonymous

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Students face a rigorous competition at school these days. The competition gets tougher day by day. Right from a very tender age, students now-a-days decide what they have to become and progress towards their goal. Everybody strives as hard as possible to clinch the 1st position in the class but only one does. Have you been thinking why can’t you be that one? Well if the answer is yes, then this piece of article will put halt to all your worries. I am going to give you some very useful tips as to how you can clinch the paramount position in your class and gain popularity along with. Below are some of the key points-

1. Do hard work in smart way: The days to do hard work are gone, it’s time to do the hard work in a smart way. Don’t just mug up anything read it, comprehend it, analyze and memorize it. Don’t limit your education only to the books but also take help of ‘Career Courses’ available through online mode of education. With the help of such online courses you can understand concepts in an interactive manner and the animations with which concepts are explained also help in knowledge retention. They are certainly better than the dead graphics and images shown in the textbooks. 

2. Help out others: Don’t just be self centered, help out others too. Take a lead and help the weaker students too. This way, you will not only revise what you have learnt but will also be praised by you classmates. Teachers also take notice of such actions and hence it helps in leaving a decent impression on the teacher’s too. Above all, it is very important to understand that you have some moral responsibilities too, which you can’t run away from. 

3. Share knowledge: It is important to share knowledge. Sharing doesn’t only mean to impart what you have but it also means to absorb what others have. Talk to the high rankers on intellectual topics. Don’t just constrain this to the classroom walls but cross over the national boundaries too. Make the most out of the internet and interact with international students and teachers. Absorb what they have and impart what you have. Conflicts may arise but learn to back your views with illustrations & reasoning and also be ready to accept others’ views, at the same time. If you have some potential, your popularity will cross the national boundaries. 

4. Do regular home study: Many students study only when the exams approach. It is not a very good practice. In such a case one has to study a lot in a day or two, and hence it becomes hectic. One must do ‘Career Training’ regularly, even if it is for small periods. Adhering to this way of learning defragments the curriculum and hence a student can retain maximum knowledge. A day or two before exams one will only have to revise everything that is already learnt. This boosts the confidence to clinch the paramount position. 

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