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Why not add a unique flavor to your wedding day

by kerringtonmicah

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Indian weddings are a colorful and vibrant celebration that can last for several days. Even the pre-wedding ceremony is an elaborate affair. Indian marriages can either be the traditional arranged marriage, or the more modern love marriage, which can be found within urban areas and smaller towns. Either way, an Indian wedding is filled with ritual and customs and can also incorporate some of the western traditions, such as the first dance, wedding cake and speeches. 


Indian brides are conventionally associated with wearing the Sari, typically worn in vibrant red, orange or pinks. But in a country of such diverse cultures and religions, each can have their very own unique style and rituals. The women are adorned in henna and gold jewellery with spectacular hair pieces with jewels and sparkling gems, oozing a mesmerizing beauty.


There’s so much to organize from dresses to guest lists and wedding and reception venues. But the journey to your wedding is equally as important. More traditional modes of transport are a vintage car, a horse and cart, a limousine or even an elephant. But if you are looking for the perfect way to arrive in style at your chosen venue, a wedding Indian rickshaw is the ideal way of transporting you from home to the venue. Originating from Asia, these rickshaws traditionally seat two people and can be lavishly decorated to meet the theme of your wedding, in royal reds or bright yellows. Whichever style you are looking for, the rickshaws can be tailored to your taste.


Indian Rickshaws or auto rickshaws are common in cities and towns across India and provide a quick and efficient of exploring the country and are often the most common method to travel, with reasonable fares, controlled by meters. These can offer an enchanting and unique alternative to traditional wedding transport. So why not bring a flavor of India to your own wedding? Your rickshaw can be transformed from a simple vehicle to a stunning chariot to take the happy couple to and from the venue. Not only will you be the envy of onlookers but you will experience the enjoyment of a relaxing, comfortable ride, taking in the sounds and sights of the streets of London before the biggest moment of your lives.


But it’s not just the bride and groom that require escorting to their magical day. Family and other guests may also want to travel in the same theme, although traditionally the groom travels on a white horse with his entourage following behind, dancing. The wedding party can even walk alongside the Indian themed rickshaw as you make your way to your wedding or reception venue.


So why not add a unique flavor to your wedding day. What a perfect way to arrive at your wedding and one that will leave your guests with an even more memorable experience of your beautiful day.


Author Information: Kerrington Micah is a freelance writer with experience contributing to various editorial pages, blogs and websites on a wide range of topics about Indian Rickshaws. For more information: Click Here

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