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Looking at Condos in South Beach from the Feng Shui Perspect

by condos305

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It is not very likely that pre construction condos would meet all the Feng Shui requirements to be taken care of while choosing a new home. However, knowing all about the good energy would be really helpful when you go out to choose condos in South Beach. Here are a few things that your apartment must have in order to promote positive energy:


  • Building energy and it location: You do not have any control over the direction of the main entrance of the building. The location of the building and its energy is ultimately going to influence the energy of your pre construction condos. Feng shui wise, the main door of your condo should have your lucky direction and not the main door of your building. The number of your building or condos in South Beach does not play an important role.


  • Level of the apartment and its location: It is always better to buy pre construction condos that are at a higher level. The Feng shui belief behind this is very simple. The higher up you go the more natural light your condo would receive, which means better energy. Also, the higher up you go, the lesser condos would be above you, which again mean better energy. It is good to avoid condos that face the staircase or the elevator because elevator and staircase are signs of busy energy.


  • Chi Flow and Floor plan: You should check the flow of Chi or energy in the condo before you a decision about buying it. After buying the condo it would be too expensive for you to make the required changes for better Feng Shui.

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