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There are basically two types of keylogger available in the market out of the two kinds hardware key loggers are much user consuming than software key loggers. Hardware key logger is a type of electronic device which is used to capture and record the keystrokes from keyboard. Most of the people still now frown upon the use of hardware key logger as it posses several advantages and is much more convenient to use than software counterpart.

The main reasons for the uplift of hardware key loggers in the market are discussed in the below heads:-

  • First and foremost benefit of this over software based key logger is that you do not need to access the computer for using it, just you plug it into the USB port (for USB key logger) or in PS/2 port of computer but to use software key logger accessing computer system is the primary task.
  • No need to boot the system of your computer; just type any password to complete the installation process.
  • Here the playback and recording can be done in two different computers but in case of software this option is limited and the playback is visible in that computer where the software is installed thus it is not ideal device at all as this will  restrict the logging of the stranger computer if the software is not installed there.
  • There are various hardware key loggers available which email the required documents to get access of stranger profile and thus serves much more convenient to use.
  • Furthermore you can use it any computer irrespective of the operating system of the computer i.e. hardware key loggers supports all sorts of operating system rather operating system does not play any role in its function whereas software based key loggers are extremely operating system specific and are meant differently for different systems.
  • With the help of USB key logger you can easily encrypted pass data to computer depending from computer as per your need but software key logger provides individual license i.e. it can be installed only in single computer.
  • Most importantly the price of hardware key loggers is much cheaper than that of software version and thus makes it suitable for all sorts of people to buy.

Advancement of hardware key loggers:-

  • It is completely undetectable in software scanners or in security scanners.
  • Very much handy for its compact size and shape thus highly discreet which attracts mass towards it.

This truly makes it an incredible piece of equipment to install in computer without any hindrance irrespective of your skill level. Thus hardware keylogger are most versatile device to use and are far better in performance than software counterpart. If you really need it for general purpose or for computer monitoring then without hesitation order one today.

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