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Elements of an SEO Relevant Article

by promos4seo

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Whether for articles, press releases, or for blog content, content that is being incorporated in each of these must be fresh, genuine and theme relevant. All of these qualities must be present in order to engage the readers. This way you can get increased traffic on your website.

If you have the grasp of the basics of good content writing, and you got a bunch of keywords around which your articles must be revolving, you can easily start the task. The only thing to bear in mind is what the audience is expecting you to deliver. Here’s how to proceed:

5 SEO Elements To Be Taken Care Of

  1. Quality – In simple words, quality content is what you must be focusing on. Good grammatical skills, complemented with attractive presentation skills to give a better user experience are the key points. Otherwise you run the risk of delivering a poor quality content which would not be appreciated by any viewer.
  1. Originality – Originality is always noticed and taken in a positive light. Readers, article directories, search engines, all want to get a fresh content, getting something new to read, not the same thing getting spinning off again and again. You content must have that unique look which gets the attention of your relevant audience and possesses a singular look about it.
  2. Relevance – Relevance is a key factor in link building. Anything that you mention in the resource box must be related to the theme which ultimately grabs the attention of the viewers. This is one of the best ways of natural link building. Even the search engine sit up and take notice of your content.
  3. Target – While writing a content for SEO purpose you must take care of the fact that whatever you are writing for your website must be able to gather the desired audience. There be careful to choose the right keywords that the users are searching. Create articles around those keywords so that finally the articles deliver a meaningful message to the visitors.
  4. Evergreen – Writing an article to attract the viewers for a longer period of time is the smart way to write an article. Not only will deliver more for a more period of time through an evergreen content than the time taken to create it, evergreen content will  contribute significantly to the link building that finally could help you in getting a better page rank. A topic as “SEO Techniques To Achieve Better Page Rank” would probably work better and be viewed by more number of viewers.

Achieve distinction in your areas of expertise first so that you are able to get a major chunk of visitors, and you can always expand your domain of expertise in writing content for other niche themes. Gain better credibility in more specific, targeted areas of your niche before exploring other possible niche themes where you can build up your reputation. That is how SEO will work best for your website.


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