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Democracy is the machine of politics

by harleydavid

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The dilemma that has divided opinion for centuries seems to have returned in full strength again this year. With an increasing number of atrocities being committed not by power hungry dictators, but seemingly ordinarily people in our very communities, the desensitising effect of modern society is under the spotlight once more. Everyone from Redbridge escorts to City bankers are scrutinised, as the powers that be search for a root to this terrible issue.

It’s hardly a new issue: the devastating effects of an increasingly industrialised culture were already beginning to be felt at the start of the 20th century. By the 1910’s and 20’s, the Modernist movement had begun to explore this fundamental relationship between man and construct. For many, it was a source of incredible concern: a struggle they feared would lead to the devolution of the human being and reduce us all to mere cogs. For some, the obvious cause was the fact that people were living in much bigger cities, with denser populations and less communal spirit. For them, the issue of community that existed in smaller groups couldn’t be replicated in the likes of London because these “cities” were in fact just artificial facades placed over sprawling multi faceted regions. The idea of unifying them was in and of itself a part of a modern tendency to homogenise and to over centralise. It linked into wider issues with the sacred ideal of democracy which, glowering down from its unassailable perch, was sowing the seeds of notable discord.

Democracy is an idea dominated by majority rule, which means that it has no room for encouraging dissonance or strife. The popular opinion is the one that matters, and in time even the most rebellious must realise that they live within a system that is completely beyond their control. By its very nature, democracy only allows the safe and established to exist. It doesn’t let creativity and inspiration bloom, unless that is an idea that can be reconciled with a popular idea and “sold” to the public. The capitalist terminology is very much consciously evoked here, for democracy is little more than a free market approach to politics. It lets the popular idea rule, regardless of merit.

What does this all have to do with the terrible things that are happening? Well, people are being forced into a corner by an overwhelming pressure to conform. In sleepy little suburbs of London like Redbridge and Sutton, those that cannot accept the mind numbing mundanity of life become outsiders. These men are women become Redbridge escorts, recluses, dissidents and free thinkers. All of them want to act outside of the overwhelming mores of society, and it is this simple desire to be different that often leaves them isolated. If Britain ever hopes to reconcile its people with one another, it will need to take a more liberal view of things, and help support those that refuse to mindlessly shovel more coal into the engine.

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