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Dealing with the Subfloor Before Installing Tiles

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Installing tiles for your flooring in Orange County is an increasingly popular choice due to its cost-efficiency and aesthetic appeal. You can choose tiles from a wide array of styles and designs that resemble more expensive and elegant flooring, such as marble or other precious stones. Tile is also often preferred because it is water and fire resistant, as well as easier to clean and maintain than carpeting or wood flooring. If you plan to install tiles in your Orange County home as a do-it-yourself project, you will need to think about the subfloor and make sure that it is ready and suitable for installation before you begin.

The subfloor is the flooring layer that is built directly on the joists of your home. It is most often made of plywood, but may be concrete, as well. It is important for the subfloor to be even and not to have any kind of irregularity before you install your floor tiles. Irregularities – such as open spaces, uneven flooring, and the existence of cracks or extruded nails – will cause damage to tiles over time and consequently reduce the value of your tile installation significantly. It is exceedingly important not to overlook the importance of having a healthy subfloor before you begin installing tiles in your Orange County home.

Tiles that are installed over cracks, holes, or uneven parts of a wood or cement subfloor will not be able to endure the repeatedly pressure over time. Areas of your flooring that are raised due to unevenness, protruding nails, excess cement, and other factors will also reduce the ability of tile floors to endure weight over time. It’s therefore necessary to make sure that all holes or cracks or other irregularities in the subfloor are repaired beforehand. In some cases, you may need to replace the entire subfloor, which is a job better suited to a contractor.

It may be necessary to hire a professional contractor to make sure that your subfloor is completely flat and smooth before you begin the process of installing tiles, though if irregularities are few and not severe, you can usually do this yourself. Orange County flooring specialists can provide advice on how best to deal with subfloor problems, as well as assist you in choosing the tiles that will best suit your specific needs in terms of durability and aesthetic value.

Purchasing new tiles in Orange County can add value to your home both in terms of resale value, as well as aesthetically. Making sure your subfloor is fully prepared before installation is necessary in order to prevent the value of your new tiles from being undermined.

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